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Peachskin - the Ins and Outs!

Peachskin - the Ins and Outs!

What is Peachskin? 

Peachskin is a woven, polyester fabric made from superfine synthetic fibres. It gets its name from the very short and delicate small pile on the printed side of the fabric that gives it a peachskin-like fuzz.

Our peachskin is 100% polyester, 150GSM and has a usable WOF of 150cm. It’s a very light fabric that has no stretch, incredible drape with limited wrinkling and creasing, and - although commonly used in the production of boardshorts - can also be used to make other clothing items such as dresses, skirts, trousers and blouses. 

Sewing with Peachskin

This fabric can shift very easily, so pattern weights when cutting are also your friend. A rotary cutter will also come in handy and will allow you to be more accurate with your cutting. Make sure you use sharp pins or clips that have great grip, and Microtex needles are the best to use for sewing this kind of fabric. They will allow you to sew without leaving obvious holes. When it comes to thread, cotton is the best for sewing peachskin with. For best results, loosen the thread tensions and stretch the fabric as you sew to avoid puckering once the fabric is sewn. 

What Can You Make With It?

There are so many options! Think anything that would look great with a beautiful, flow-y drape – gathered skirts, culottes, jackets, lingerie, floaty dresses, nightwear. You can also line this fabric with cotton lycra to create an incredibly comfortable jacket or track pants. This fabric is also perfect for making luxe home accessories such as pillowcases, curtains and sheets. 


Peachskin fabric is moisture wicking and highly breathable, so fantastic for bedsheets. It is luxuriously soft, and also has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties. It doesn’t shrink, dries quickly, is stain resistant, and also doesn’t get pet hair  trapped in it like other fabrics do.


So there you have it! A bit of a rundown on one of our newest bases. We hope it’s left you feeling inspired to take a leap and challenge yourself with some wonderful new makes.

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