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Foot Press Conversion

Foot Press Conversion

We often have people ask us how to convert their table snap press to a foot kick press! So here are some brief instructions and a shopping list for you to create it yourself!


Often people have the items needed already around the garage/shed, and you can use things like old desks, stools or tables to save building the full table. Just keep in mind it's best to be about 90cm high to keep you from needing the bend over.


Also please note the handle will be facing away from you. so you are likely to be building it from the back.

Shopping list (using Bunnings I/N codes)

- Table top  x 2 (We used I/N: 0570564 and cut it in half)

- Table legs x 4 (We used 2 x I/N: 8401457) both cut in half)

- Screws 

- L brackets (to stabilise legs) (we used I/N:


- Turnbuckle kit x 2 (We used I/N: 3970377)

- Galvanised Wire Rope (We used I/N: 4310808)

- Pedal wood (We used I/N: 0021163 and cut to preferred length)

- Pedal hinge (We used I/N: 4160131)

- Rope grips x 8 (We used  4x I/N: 0237872)



1) Cut top and base to size

2) Cut table legs to size and attach to top and base (matching corner to corner)

3) Add L shaped brackets to stabalise

4) Attach snap press(s) to table top

4) drill hole directly under the end of the handle and thread the cable through the hole.

5) Attach the cable to the hole on the end of the snap press using the rope grips

6) Attach pedals to the base using the hinges

7) Attach the turnbuckle to the end of the pedals

8) Thread the end of the cable (dangling from above) to the turnbuckle.


You are done!


(Photos to be added)

I did a video on facebook to help:



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