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Hi there! 
My name is Ana and I am the designer behind Moshito Design. I am originally from Spain and I have a degree in Biology. After my husband joined the State Department our growing family started to travel around the world and moving countries every two to three years. So, it was time for me to reinvent myself! 

I love sewing, knitting, and all things crafts! One day my little one asked me for a specific pattern. I was having a hard time finding something she liked, so I decided to look into creating it myself. Fast forward to today ... Here I am, a self-taught surface pattern designer!  I have always loved to draw and to create so I am loving every minute of it! 

I love to create with the little ones in mind and I get inspiration from my other passions: my little girls, our travels/adventures together, and nature! I am thrilled to be part of Clover and Co. Fabrics!! 


What are you looking for?

Oh wow. You have amazing taste!!