PRE-ORDERS OPEN | Sent to print on the 1st of each month


Hi! My name is Jane and I am the artist behind Bird by Moonlight Designs.


I live in South East Queensland on a small acreage with my husband, young son and our extended family of feathered and furry friends. I draw my inspiration from nature; the abundance of colour, the elegant forms, the flight of birds, the beauty that can be seen whenever we switch off and take note of our surroundings. 


Turning my lifelong passion for art into this venture has been a slow and but fulfilling process. The name Bird by Moonlight was born during those same late nights, listening to the surprising nocturnal melodies of the Willie Wagtails around my home.


I am excited to bring you my work, and I hope you find a design that brings you as much joy as I have had in making it.

What are you looking for?

Oh wow. You have amazing taste!!